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Behlman, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a key resource for precision COTS power supplies for Airborne, Shipboard, Mobile and Industrial applications. Behlman has over 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of critical power products in its World Class facility. Behlman produces COTS power supplies for military, industrial and commercial applications. Innovative engineering combined with the flexibility of a platform design concept allows Behlman to tailor its wide range of designs to specific customer requirements. Behlman can produce new designs, Form-Fit-Function replacements and reconfigure standard products to meet your unique requirements.

Behlman can reduce your cost and shorten delivery by using COTS power supplies.

Behlman has the ability to reconfigure its standard units to meet customer requirements without the cost of full-custom development.

All Behlman COTS power products are ruggedly built and designed to meet the rigors of mission critical military and high end industrial power supply applications on aircraft, shipboard, ground or mobile platforms.

Behlman is a US manufacturer with a proven ability to solve any power requirement, and we support our products with personal service that exceeds even your highest expectations. Our expertise includes a diverse line of products, designed to meet the needs of production test, facility power, aerospace and avionics, simulators and

Behlman, The Power Solutions Provider!


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